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16.08.2013 - Gigs tba

Gigs are coming guys. Sorry for the quietness, but sometimes other things take priority and become all consuming. Head will be back in the game very very soon.

20.10.2012 - Belfast Music Week- Lee and Tim Live....

Lee and Tim Cobain will be playing the legendary John Hewitt on Wed 7th Nov, as part of Belfast music week. 2 big shows, played by 2 immense bands. Be there..........

01.07.2012 - Downtown Radio

Will be on George Jones' show on Tues 3rd July at around 4.10 or so. Chatting about the record Citizen:General

01.07.2012 - John Hewitt 4th July 12.

Love this gig, and continuing to have a blast with Tim and his band on our double header gigs. This show will be both of us playing in three piece bands. Starts at 9 or so, in the John Hewitt bar, belfast. Its free into this one.

01.07.2012 - Voodoo, Belfast

Had a great last minute show with Tim Cobains band in Voodoo, an amazing venue in the heart of Belfast. Smiled all the way through this one!! Great gig! Thanks to Carl Harvey, Paddy Lavin, Dean Stevens and Stevie Burgess for playing a blinder with me!!! Lee

16.06.2012 - New Gangster series using some songs

The new Irish mob series, set in Las Vegas "Southwest", have confirmed they will be using 3 tracks from the Citizen:General record. More news to follow.......

16.06.2012 - Advancement in the band setup!

Firstly, I would like to welcome guitarist Dean Stevens to the working band. Dean is a long time friend, but its only now the stars aligned enough for us to get working together!! Thats 3 new members of the band, joining me and Paddy Lavin (the band stalworts) in last couple of months!

16.05.2012 - David Werba reviews This Life, from Citizen:General

This Life Review

11.05.2012 - New Record Launched!

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the launch of Citizen:General in the John Hewitt bar, Belfast. Was an absolute smash of a success, with Tim Cobain opening the show, he set the vibe perfectly. Keep an eye out for more dates, which will be announced in the following days. Oh....and welcome to the new website!!!